Meet our team

No challenge can take us down. Be it from software engineers or even designers, our backgrounds and teamwork will prove that we always have the best man for the job.
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Our Team

CEO Founder
Teodor Radu
CTO Founder
Alexandru Adam
Full Stack Dev
Paul Constantinescu
ML Specialist
Andrei Arnautu
Research Lead
Stefan Buliga

Our Vision And Values


We believe that we can change an industry that affects billions and hasn't seen radical improvements in a long time.

Equality Of Chance

Everyone deserves an equal chance, thus we are bringing objectivity in the most biased industry in the world.


Make everything exceptional. From code to client service, everything should be flawless.


We value teamwork because working together is success.


  1. February 2020
    Founded startup
  2. March 2020
    Qualified in InnovationLabs Accelerator
  3. September 2020
    Accepted into Start Fellowship
  4. October 2020
    InnovationLabs Accelerator Finalist