Automate your hiring

HiringDNA offers a way to profile your candidates called CareerDNA.
Our solutions, powered by AI, provide a deep understanding of
candidates, which is enhanced by an ever-growing ecosystem:
automation, lie detection, and more.

Accelerated by

Advanced Profiling

Asses a complete picture of the candidate: Hard skills, Soft skills, Personality trait, Work Ethics, and more. We are creating a new way to know your candidates. A complete image of the candidate is here, and it is called CareerDNA

Powered by AI

Our cutting-edge ML models will ensure impartial, accurate, and customizable candidate assessment. The AI assistance will provide valuable insight into your hiring process.

Evergrowing Ecosystem

Build your perfect interviewing process with our large selection of modules, integrations, and candidate pools. Be part of a constantly growing ecosystem that you can tailor to your needs.

Powered by AI

One ecosystem built
around CareerDNA

Custom Interview Flow

Your company. Your custom interview. Every step as you need it, as you want it, as you dream it.

Candidate Ranking

Using the careerDNA feature, candidate ranking and filtering just became easier then ever.

Lie Detection

Get the real deal every time. No more false positives and additional costs for background checks.

Complete Automation

Let us automate your tasks so you can focus on what really matters and grow your company beyond any limit.

Everything is modular! You are not limited to any feature or built-in template. We have multiple features you can choose from and build you amazing interview flow while being flexible and organized.

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